There are many different types of containers available in the market. Here you will find specifications and photos of some of new containers. At your request additional specifications and photos will be provided.  The most common colors of new containers, RAL codes are as follows: RAL5010, 5013, 6007, 7035, 7016, 9010. If you order more than 10 containers, you can choose another color. It should be taken into account that in this case the delivery time increases significantly and can take up to 5 or more months. For used containers, the color selection is limited, and when ordering multiple containers, there may be a mix of different color containers.

20' DV (DRY VAN)

External, L/W/H: 6,058mm / 2,438mm / 2,591mm

Internal, L/W/H: 5,898mm / 2,352mm / 2,393mm

Volume: 33,2cbm

Weight: Max gross 30,480kg, tare 2,220kg, payload 28,260kg


External, L/W/H: 6,058mm / 2,438mm / 2,896mm

Internal, L/W/H: 5,898mm / 2,352mm / 2,695mm

Volume: 37,3cbm

Weight: Max gross 30,480kg, tare 2350kg, payload 28,130kg



External, L/W/H: 6,058mm / 2,438mm / 2,591mm

Internal, L/W/H: 5,898mm / 2,287mm / 2,299mm

Volume: 31cbm

Weight: Max gross 24,000kg, tare 3,180kg, payload 20,820kg



External, L/W/H: 6,058mm / 2,438mm / 2,591mm

Internal, L/W/H: 5,844mm / 2,350mm / 2,393mm

Volume: 32,8cbm

Weight: Max gross 30,480kg, tare 2,380kg, payload 28,100kg


40' DV (DRY VAN)

External, L/W/H: 12,192mm / 2,438mm / 2,591mm

Internal, L/W/H: 12,032mm / 2,352mm / 2,393mm

Volume: 66,7cbm

Weight: Max gross 30,480kg, tare 3,750kg, payload 26,730kg



External, L/W/H: 12,192mm / 2,438mm / 2,896mm

Internal, L/W/H: 12,032mm / 2,352mm / 2,698mm

Volume: 76,4cbm

Weight: Max gross 30,480kg, tare 3,900kg, payload 26,580kg


10' container

External, L/W/H: 2,991mm / 2,438mm / 2,591mm

Internal, L/W/H: 2,840mm / 2,352mm / 2,393mm

Volume: 15.95cbm

Weight: Max gross 10,160kg, tare 1,300kg, payload 8,860kg